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This free eBook by Tolly Burkan is entitled TRANSMISSIONS OF THE WHITE DRAGON. It is visionary fiction; enjoyed by both teenagers and mature readers alike. This easy to read short story explores consciousness and the nature of reality.


TRANSMISSIONS OF THE WHITE DRAGON is the compelling tale of a sympathetic teenage genius who discovers both the secret of cold fusion and the secret of anti-gravity. Though he is constantly challenged and abused by the events of his life, he emerges unscarred and stronger for having survived. Along with the hero, the reader gains insights into the nature of reality and the workings of the human psyche, as well as learning methods for dealing with life's challenges.

The main character is Jason, who is thrown into a fast-paced adventure that covers his teenage years and follows him into young adulthood. During this time, he suffers two tragic losses: the death of his father, and soon after marrying, the death of his wife. Jason learns to cope by receiving guidance from a white dragon named Michael, appearing nightly in his dreams. Jason becomes inadvertently tangled in a web of government conspiracies, and it is this poignant and humorous dragon that helps him navigate the murky world of intrigue, seduction and deception. When the stakes become increasingly perilous, Jason seems to be transformed into a brilliant and insightful wizard who takes readers on an amazing journey.

As Jason grows emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, he has mystical experiences that enable readers to re-discover a space deep within themselves - a space all but forgotten - a space where everything is still possible - a space of self-exploration that will provide insights into human behavior; and ultimately, empower readers by enabling them to better deal with the challenges in their own lives.

The story itself involves a kidnapping, a government plot, action, humor, romance, suspense and mystical wisdom. References are made to scientific phenomena that include just enough truth and fact, so that the reader might often forget this is a work of fiction. Much of the plot is set in 2003 and 2004, making it very current, with many recognizable, timely events.

Jason's reality includes wizardry, power animals, magic and miracles.

TRANSMISSIONS OF THE WHITE DRAGON is a gripping tale about youth, and the twists and turns sweeping through one boy's remarkable life. Yet, at the same time, it is a self-help book with wisdom that can empower all reading it. An important part of the book is the subliminal impact it has on the reader, and after completing it people often say they feel an inner change.